Handpicked + Curated for You and Yours

My Story

In fall 2019, I thought my one for-sure path was in event management. To understand the hospitality industry a little better, I took a floral design class because it’s such a big part of events- especially weddings. What I didn’t realize is that I would absolutely fall in love with floral design. I have always loved flowers and the meanings they hold. They serve as a gesture to someone you love, someone you sympathize with, someone you miss, and much much more. Floral design is an art and it’s how I express myself and reach others. So, I created Sweet Chamomile in 2020 with the intention of pursuing my own small business so that I could do something that I love every day. As a small business owner, there is nothing better than the smile on a customers face when I hand them a bouquet of fresh flowers.

My Mission

As a florist, I understand how pricey flowers can get. My goal is to provide beautiful arrangements at an affordable price so that everyone can send flowers to the people they love. It is so important to me to provide that opportunity to brides, too! It is so hard to hire a florist for less than an arm and a leg- I’m here to help make weddings beautiful and decorate the tables of very deserving customers. I will work with your ideas and budget to the best of my ability so that you get a product that you are absolutely in love with.


When it is possible, you’ll notice an event associated with important causes that mean a lot to me. As often as I can, I choose an organization and donate a percentage of floral sales in an effort to give back. If you have an organization in mind, reach out! Let’s see what we can do to make that outreach project happen!